Questions You Have to Asks A Prospective Concrete Contractor

As you select a concrete contractor, it is vital to get a list of questions prepared similar to what you do once your visit a doctor to address an illness. Asking questions that are carefully chosen helps to guarantee that the contractor you select can perfectly match your project. Moreover, asking numerous questions can assist you in straining out lower-quality and inexperienced contractors from the greater options. Below are some of the most crucial inquiries you need to ask before you choose a contractor for your concrete project.  

Can you give references? 

Once they cannot give you images of their previous work, then ask for references. When your prospective concrete contractor seems a bit hesitant to provide their past client’s contact information, you may need to look for a person who boasts satisfied previous customers and takes pride in his work. 

Do you have a picture portfolio of your works and projects before? 

Once you meet qualified contractors in person, they will be willing to provide you images of their previous projects. Others may even have a website with a digital portfolio that you can check for yourself.  

What’s the estimated duration of my proposed project?  

Small concrete projects, such as concrete paving, must take 2-3 days. Meanwhile, projects that are more extensive, like commercial sidewalks around a property, concrete counters, concrete walls, and more of these may take 1-2 weeks to finish.  

How experienced are you? What kinds of projects have you completed before? 

Although utilizing sites like Home Advisor or Angie’s List to search up for reviews on the Lubbock concrete contractors is a great starting place, once you meet with or contact a potential contractor, you shouldn’t be shy regarding interviewing him to guarantee that their company is highly suitable for your project.  

How soon can you begin my project? What’s your schedule like? 

There’s a possibility that when a concrete finishing company is a pro in what they do, expect them to have a hectic schedule. When you anticipate a fast turnaround, then ensure that the contractor you choose can meet your deadline.  

Will you be required to get project permits? 

When a concrete contractor is not well-versed about how to process permits and which permits might be needed for your specific project, there’s a possibility that he only has limited experience or he makes substandard work at the end of the day.  

Will you be strengthening the concrete with rebar? 

It’s a good question to assess what your prospective contractors know. He must be able to discuss with you whether the anticipated pressure and weight of objects on your work validate a need for reinforcement of rebar.  

How do you secure yourself while on the job? 

Guarantee that all involved concrete finishers in the project are experienced and trained in safe work measures. Moreover, discover whether they have workman’s liability and comp insurance to cover any of the accidents that could happen on the job to prevent the need to shell out extra expenses on your part.